Production Scheduling Software for Manufacturing. Replace spreadsheets with smart software

Plan/Ezy is the visual production scheduling software you always wanted for planning and scheduling your factory or job shop.

It is simple to use and simple to install with a short learning curve.

Our production scheduling software maintains relationships between associated job operations - so you don't have to.............something you just cannot do in a spreadsheet or on a wallboard.

Plan/Ezy production scheduling software is great for small manufacturing companies who are growing out of spreadsheets and wallboards.
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We make our product user friendly

When designing a product, we always think of how the user is going to experience it.

We make our scheduling software easy to install

Fast installation makes the purchase and setup low cost and hassle free

We make our software cheap to own

Easy to set up and use, full manual and help system means low on going costs

With our up to date production scheduling software you will quickly learn how to……

- replace your ailing whiteboard or wall board system
- have no more frustration with trying to get Excel spreadsheets to work
- see where your free capacity is
- no more accepting orders without knowing exactly when they can be delivered
- no more “asap” being a delivery date

and .... no more losing operations in a complex sequence of work

Since 1992, Plan/Ezy for manufacturing finite capacity scheduling software has found its way into large multinational corporate manufacturers around the globe.

Today we offer a low cost scheduling product that has the same rock solid software core used by large corporates now on offer to you at a very low price.

Easy to set up and easy to learn Plan/Ezy Scheduler takes the guesswork out of your scheduling tasks.

From it's inception Plan/Ezy has been used by some of the largest blue chip manufacturing companies from automotive component manufacturers to plastics extruders and moulders.

Over the years they've given us lists of "must have" features to include in the scheduling software.

You now have the benefit of all the development and at a low price point.

Enquire NOW to benefit from our years of experience working with large corporations.

Frequently asked questions about our production scheduling software

  • Scheduling Software FAQ's
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  • Will Plan/Ezy suit my business?
    Plan/Ezy is primarily designed for small job shop manufacturing but if you are a small business that needs a scheduling function and you can categorise your work flows like a small manufacturer then Plan/Ezy might be able to help you.
  • Can Plan/Ezy link to other systems?
    Plan/Ezy can link to enterprise wide manufacturing systems or even read data from a spreadsheet
  • How quick is Plan/Ezy to implement?
    Within a couple of hours Plan/Ezy can be up and ready to go and with sample data supplied and a full user manual its fasy and efficient to set up and learn
  • How much does Plan/Ezy cost?
    Simple - a one time perpetual license fee of US$1495